so close (pictorial update)

Christmas is a day and a half away, and I am, for once in my adult life, not entirely stressed out. It’s a nice thing. I’m completely finished holiday shopping, and all the packages have arrived. Yay! I only have to wrap. I did quite a bit of baking this year – jam thumbprints, snickerdoodles, […]

doubly talented, and handsome too.

I am often amazed by people can do multiple things well. No, I’m not talking about chewing gum and walking (although, for some people I know, that can be quite an accomplishment). I mean, big skills, things that require talent and some form of dedication. For instance, athletes who are successful in both their sport […]


I had the good fortune this weekend of having two incredibly delicious meals. Saturday evening, after receiving her First Official Workforce Paycheck, Donna insisted on taking me out for the Sushi Love Boat at our favorite local sushi bar to celebrate her new financial independence. It looked something like this:with a rainbow roll, an Out-of-Control […]