are you still undecided?

Think about this.[youtube=]Do you have a mother? Sister? Female cousin? Daughter? Aunts? Just one more reason I’m voting Obama/Biden this November 4.

Spotlight: DRC

I know that rape has been used as a tool in war for a long time. It’s a way to exert control, flaunt power, lower morale and undermine the spirit. In my opinion, it’s probably the worst violation that can happen to a person, with survivors living through an incredibly painful psychological aftermath that can […]

kyle payne

I have refrained from blogging on this situation because Cara @ the Curvature has done such a phenomenal job with it. However, I’ll blog it now, because the situation is “resolved” – inasmuch as a sexual assault can ever be resolved. For the full story of what actually happened, visit this link – a history […]