Tomorrow is a Spirit Day at my son’s school. The theme is “Mixed Up/Dress Backward Day,” and there were no suggestions or guidelines offered for what types of clothing the administration, PTO and teachers expect to see on the kids tomorrow. I imagine they’re thinking some kids will come in with their shirts and pants […]

teaching negativity

Every week or so, the PTO at my son’s school sends out an email with reminders about upcoming events, school projects, and requests for volunteers. This week, I saw the following [emphasis not mine; sadly, it wasn’t necessary for me to boldface anything, as it already appeared that way in the original email]: In conjunction […]

twilight at midnight

My girlfriend is a book snob. She just can’t help it: having appreciated classic literature from the ripe old age of 8, when she used to tote a heavy volume of Shakespeare around her neighborhood in a wagon, she followed up with a major in Lit through college. She’s spent a lot of time reading […]

on having a voice and being silenced

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that have a socially-conscious focus: feminism, racism, glbt stuff, motherhood. Generally I find it infinitely more satisfying to read about the social justice and civil rights movements than I do to read about academics and art, despite my association with the art world. And even if the […]

do you have one?

momtourage [mom-too–rahzh] -noun “The people that provide you with support, help you get things done, and allow you to be the best mom you can be. You know, those wonderful people who make the journey more fun, more understandable and more sane. The kind of folks who, when you’re thinking of running away to join […]

It’s Friday, a day that ends in “y.” You know what that means?

That means it’s time for another celebrity to say something incredibly stupid. Meet Usher.He’s hot:He’s cool:He’s sensitive:He’s a talented singer, with a history to prove it: 30 million records sold, 5 Grammy awards and a record label of his own. He’s also apparently an idiot. In a cover story interview for the July issue of […]

April 30: Wear Red to End Sexual Violence

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and you may recall that earlier this month I participated in Blog Against Sexual Violence Day. There are a lot of events that have happened during April to raise awareness of sexual violence, and I’ve missed a lot of them for a few reasons – but tomorrow is one […]

the view makes me angry.

The ladies of the television show The View really are a bunch of knuckleheads. They consistently bring up important, complex topics and boil them down to the basest, most disrespectful statements one can imagine. When Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd were on the view to promote the new season of The L Word, the hostesses […]

news and notes

A few women-centered notes this morning: Cara at the Curvature has a pretty awesome Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer up this morning. Top Chef returns tonight with Season 4 based in Chicago. This season presents an even split – 8 male and 8 female contestants. This is the first time there’s been a balance since […]