today is.

i forgot how much i love exploding dog.

My post about the cost of poetry got picked up on Twitter and Facebook today by some other poets (after I shamelessly linked to it on Robert Lee Brewer’s #poettues chat on Twitter), which is kind of cool. I sort of wish I had proofread it better, though. me: my cost of poetry blog entry […]

zOMG something new

This week, I discovered Omegle. I consider myself to be fairly internet-savvy, so I was really embarrassed when I realized Omegle has been around forever. It’s kind of scary, though: two random strangers who can say absolutely anything to each other? I want a really interesting conversation to happen, but so far, none have. It’s […]

it’s sad when you can’t even recognize yourself.

This morning, I clicked over to Awkward Family Photos for a quick peek. I saw this: and spit a moutful of dunkaccino all over the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Vermont. I was all ready to rip laughingly into my brother for submitting an old but hilarious photo of me online, along the lines […]

Friday Goodness

This is all it takes to make my day, folks: see more Funny Graphs Happy Friday everyone!

emails from crazy people

Here I was, eating my lunch and lamenting the fact that I didn’t have anything specific to blog today. Oh, silly me. What was I thinking? Of course there’s something to blog! I recently started reading this website, Emails from Crazy People.  It’s another website owned by Ben Huh, the guy who runs I Can […]


Camping pictures added to my Flickr page! And, I got a super nice email about my blog today from a woman named Kara – it’s nice to know that somebody (aside from Donna and BJ) read this blog with any regularity. Thanks, Kara!

an open letter to the folks searching my blog

Thanks for visiting. No, really, thank you. I’m glad to know that you’ve found my new home here at WordPress, as I’m quite proud of it. And I’m glad that when someone searches “trans” or “transwoman,” that my blog generates some hits. I consider myself part of the feminist community that wants to include transpeople, […]


**During NaPoMo, when I was participating in the Poem-A-Day challenge, I wrote this thing. It was a quick little draft of a poem, mostly designed to get the idea on paper so I could come back to it later. It was based on a Huffington Post article I read, which gave few details about the […]

being awesome WIN

Last week, Kim Ficera, author of Sex, Lies and Stereotypes, and all around kick-ass person, posted a note on Facebook that she was looking for guest bloggers for her blog, Pimp My Wry. After a brief email exchange, I present to you my being awesome WIN for this Friday: my guest blog over at Pimp […]