I just can’t keep up with the recaps. ANTM was on again last night, and I just cannot keep up with it. I’m now three weeks behind in recaps, and I think that I’m not going to catch up. Sorry if you were actually reading them while I did them. It’s just a little too […]

karmabump x2

So this morning when I came in to work, I found a (really cute) gift bag on my desk. I was confused: my birthday is in July, and the gift bag was definitely too girly to be for Jacob. I looked at the card in front of the bag:Whoa. So I opened it up, and […]

recap(ish): ANTM, episode 11.3

This week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model started with technical difficulties: my friend Lynn was over for dinner, after which we went out for a quick drink at the local watering hole. Because of this, I had to tape ANTM and in setting up the tape, managed to eliminate the volume for the first […]

recap(ish): America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 11

Last night, the CW premiered America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11. As usual, a whole mess of really pretty girls attempt to win one of 14 spots in the Top Model house, where they’ll compete in a series of challenges and photo shoots. Each week, one model gets eliminated until the ultimate Top Model is […]

tv alert: America’s Next Top Model

Season Premiere tonight, at 8 p.m. (EDT), on the CW. Whoo! I can’t wait to see how this season goes – I hope that Isis Tsunami doesn’t get booted right away. I’d like to see her make it at least halfway through the season (though top four would be even better). And I hope she […]

ANTM gets TG

An update from AfterEllen indicates that the newest cycle (#11, premiering September 3, 2008) of America’s Next Top Model will include a transgender model. Isis Tsunami – badass name, by the way – will be the first transgender contestant on the show.Look at the legs on this girl – hot damn. Of course, the interwebs […]

how befuddled am I?

Really, I’m very befuddled. And a little upset. No, a lot upset. Do you know what I found out tonight? Seriously, this has thrown me for a big loop. Rosalina, from the Naked Brothers Band, is not actually called Rosalina. Her name is Allie DiMeco, and she’s an actress. Booo. I thought, for real, that […]

summer reading (and why I’m not keeping up with it)

I realized yesterday as I was trying to update my Charting blog that I am hopelessly behind on it – both the charting and the reading itself. I am at least two issues behind on APR. I haven’t touched Wicked Alice, 21 Stars or DMQ in months. I need to get caught up on the […]

TLS Recap: Finale!

All right, I’ll fess up here: I didn’t watch the finale too closely. I was dealing with some car issues (as in, mine’s not working right and I was attempting to buy a new car / get the old one fixed last night). I spent the bulk of the show on the phone with my […]