a nice coincidence

I was signing payroll notices for a bunch of new hires a few minutes ago, and I came across this one:Sadly, no one else here recognized the name.


I arrived at DFW yesterday for a week-long interviewing project. Somehow I managed to score a first-class ticket, and spent the 2.5 hour flight relaxing in all the first class splendor: free drinks, a hot lunch, a big seat. After getting settled at the hotel and a few hours of office work, I was swept […]

blargh, again.

I don’t like it when work takes my blogging muse away. However, Sunday I’m going to Dallas, where I’ll spend the week interviewing new employees, playing on the interwebs, and hopefully spending some quality time with a good friend. 🙂


I’m ready for the weekend, and it’s only Monday.And that’s funny, considering I’m going to be giving up my Sunday next week to get on a plane and head to Dallas.

karmabump x2

So this morning when I came in to work, I found a (really cute) gift bag on my desk. I was confused: my birthday is in July, and the gift bag was definitely too girly to be for Jacob. I looked at the card in front of the bag:Whoa. So I opened it up, and […]


For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Hurricane Ike was a pretty nasty piece of work. Below is a slideshow of a handful of photos that one of the reps from my company sent in. Apparently some areas were completely obliterated. And from another rep, two more sets of photos online: onetwo

office space: the pie chart

I had to participate in a conference call today. It was a training session relating to a report I received earlier this week that requires input from my company. I’m still not entirely sure why I needed to be on the call:1. It was concerning IT activity, and I am in Human Resources, not IT.2. […]

ahh, airport blogging

So, I have just spent a whirlwind three days in Orlando, FL, helping to launch the new contract for my company. I sort of like being here in person, meeting the reps that I’ve spent so much time on the phone with – it’s nice to put faces to voices, and to see the end […]

do you know what today is?

It’s FREE ICE CREAM DAY AT RACHEL’S WORK!(this is what’s left of my mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae) Every year, the property management company that owns my office building brings in Baskin Robbins or Haagen Daaz or some other equally delicious ice cream company to give out free ice cream sundaes. Yummy. Every year, […]

Best. Stressful. Week. Ever.

As you may have noted from my whining here, it’s been fairly stressful at work. So I am taking this opportunity to give myself a little comic relief – I present here, in the grand tradition of VH1’s Best Week Ever, and AfterEllen’s Best Lesbian Week Ever: Rachel’s Best. Stressful. Week. Ever. Totally inane, completely […]