you say to-may-to

Last night, I made fortune tellers with Jacob. I mean, we called them cootie catchers when I was a kid, but whatevs. I forgot how much fun they are. Jacob got mad because I refused to choose “regular” colors, as he calls them: I decided to take a non-traditional approach to the fortunes, too. I […]

like a giant weight, lifted

It’s clear that  Jacob a) remembered to change his clothes, and b) knew where to find the clean ones. So we’re good.

summer is really here.

This Sunday, I’ll be taking Jacob to summer camp. This is monumental for both of us: it will be Jacob’s first time at overnight camp, complete with full-time counselors and bunk beds. And it will be my first time letting Jacob stay overnight at a place other than one of his primary homes (my house, […]

fast as lightning

Jacob successfully tested for his green belt today at karate. He was super excited because this is a pretty big milestone: he moved from the beginner class to the intermediate, which, aside from meaning he’s no longer a “little kid” also means he now gets sparring gear and an awesome new blue uniform. He worked […]


Tonight was Jacob’s spring concert. It was funny and horrible at once, the way little kid concerts are. The show was somehow loosely based around nursery rhymes and making lemonade, though I’m not sure I understood the connection. Jacob was hilarious, alternating between engaged and distracted. Tonight was also the first night that he decided […]

exploratory walks and stuff

I’ve been working since yesterday on a longer blog post recapping VH1’s new reality show Transform Me, but it’s not quite done yet.  So instead I’ve been thinking about field bags. The straps on field bags are always too short for me, so I can never wear them comfortably. I was scouring etsy (my favorite […]

see this?

So if you have kids, or have gone to summer camp, you probably know what these are: Small plastic craft beads, ideal for stringing into necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever seen one shoved inside someone’s ear. Seriously. Raise your hand. No? Well, now you can honestly say that you […]

it’s beginning to look a lot like…

Every year, I spend the month of December grumping around, complaining about how stressed I am about the shopping and the weather and the tension and the obligatory gifting. But this year, we have simplified quite a bit – Donna and I made Christmas gifts (and they are cute!) for all of our friends and […]

i have little interest in this topic.

I’m taking an online course this semester on the history of the American Civil Rights movement. It’s something I’ve always been interested in, and of course in the past few years, I’ve felt a connection to that movement through my involvement in the LGBT community and its struggle to repeal DADT and to gain the […]