Stirring 21.4, Fall 2019: How to Grow a Rabbit; Luxury Bones
Glass: A Journal of Poetry, September 2018: Untitled (I remember that incredible night with the maps)
Glass: A Journal of Poetry, February 2017: Manifest
Clipper Ship Hauling Songs Issue 1, March 2014: In the EEG Room; Redefinition; How You Learn to Fight
Stirring 16.2, February 2014: Extracellular Matrix
The Nervous Breakdown: Damini, after the bus and in the street
Stirring 16.1, January 2014: Finding Direction in West Virginia
Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2014: Dear Melody
Stirring 15.12, December 2013: Kuk Mu: a beginner’s kata
Blast Furnace: Where a Particular Kind of Man Finds He Can Be Faithful
Referential Magazine: Apocalypse, The Daughter Who Speaks In Toads, Why I Won’t Date Wolverine, Letter to Two Hearts, World’s Largest Thermometer
13 Myna Birds: The Going, Vanishing Twin
PANK: this morning I pulled a picture of my mother from my mouth; Letter to Myself at Age 12
Linebreak: To the Pig in a Bumblebee Costume
Literary Bohemian: Suppose You Were A Clone
Tuesday: An Art Journal 5.1: Rumpelstiltskin
Blood Lotus Journal: Letter to the Only Girl in JROTC; Dear Crux
Toad 1.3, September 2011: What, Then; Obedience, My Father; Rapunzel Syndrome; Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
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Muzzle Magazine, Spring 2011: Flight, In the Garden, the Stormtroopers
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Hobble Creek Review, issue 11: Flaws in Human Thinking
PoetSpeak: for Jacob, at Seven; LoveSong for June Cleaver; Poem for My Voice
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Drown in My Own Fears, Winter 2007: The Knot
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Drown in My Own Fears, Fall 2007: Women at Your Father’s Funeral
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Apple Valley Review, Spring 2007: The Phillumenist
US1 Worksheets, Spring 2007: Carnival
Thick with Conviction, January 2007: Haunted House; From His Side; Breaking the Skin
Stockpot, Spring 2006: Expectation; Ruler, 1984 (hear a reading here)
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She-Mom, Summer 2003: Nearing 7 Months
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Poetic Voices, October 2000: Side Street


Ripe Again, Finishing Line Press, 2008
3 Verse, a QND Chapbook, 2006
Quick Meals and Dirty Dishes, a QND Chabook, 2004
Fast and Filthy, a QND Chapbook, 2003


Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2010: Flaws in Human Thinking (Hobble Creek Review)
Nominated: Best of the Net, 2010: Smotherbox, Dear Kim (Decompression)
Selected: Scholarship Recipient, Norman Mailer Writers Colony
, Summer Poetry Workshop w/Dean Young, 2010
Selected: Best of the Net, 2009: The Apiary (Boxcar Poetry Review)
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2009: The Apiary (Boxcar Poetry Review)
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2009: Martha Stewart Claims She Has Been Struck By Lightning Three Times (by Apparatus Magazine)
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2009: Magnificat (by Relief Journal)
Selected: Best of the Web 2009: Martha Stewart Claims She Has Been Struck By Lightning Three Times (by Apparatus Magazine)

Winner, Boxcar Poetry Review Peer Award: The Apiary
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2008: Lot’s Daughters (by Boxcar Poetry Review)
Nominated: Best of the Net, 2008: Lot’s Daughers (by Boxcar Poetry Review)
Winner, Boxcar Poetry Review Peer Award: Lot’s Daughters
Winner, Jan-Ai Scholarship, Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway 2008
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2007: Exhumation (by Shit Creek Review)
Nominated: Pushcart Prize, 2007: Carnival (by US1 Worksheets)
Nominated: Best of the Net, 2007: From His Side (by Thick with Conviction)
Stockton College, First Prize, the Michael Lanza Award for Poetry: Expectation
2005 Philadelphia Writers Conference, Honorable Mention, Poetry: Ask
2004 Philadelphia Writers Conference, First Prize, Poetry: for Sylvia