gotta get away from me

This weekend was the annual Poetry and Prose Getaway in Cape May, organized and hosted by Murphy Writing Seminars. It was, in a word, AMAZING. This is not unusual. The prompts were crazy-difficult again. I got two solid drafts out of them, poems that I’m happy with and think will fit well in the manuscript […]

cape may post-cap

So it was an intense weekend in Cape May at Peter Murphy’s Winter Getaway. I spent time in two 2.5-hour sessions of workshopping, started seriously thinking about plans for a full-length manuscript (it turns out I actually do have something of a theme going), and drafted four new poems, variously about a) a dead friend, […]

injustice anywhere is a threat.

On Monday, Donna and I, along with Maureen, had the incredible privilege of attending the NJ State Senate Judiciary Committee’s public hearing on NJ S-1967, the Freedom of Religion and Equality in Civil Marriage Act. This bill, sponsored by Senators Weinberg and Lesniak, would allow gay couples in NJ to get married. It was an […]

step 1

NJ S-1967 was just released for a full Senate vote on Thursday. Thank you, NJ, for step 1. And can I just say that Senator Gill is my new favorite person?

well, that was disappointing.

So we went with Christie. I mean, I can’t say I’m surprised – Corzine has sucked for the past few years, and clearly most of the people in this state agree. But I’m disappointed nonetheless: Corzine offered us some wonderful chances to level the playing field in terms of Civil Rights in this state. And […]


I arrived at DFW yesterday for a week-long interviewing project. Somehow I managed to score a first-class ticket, and spent the 2.5 hour flight relaxing in all the first class splendor: free drinks, a hot lunch, a big seat. After getting settled at the hotel and a few hours of office work, I was swept […]

7:12 a.m.: watching cartoons

While this blogger’s favorite artist is busy bragging about the Nicest. January. Ever. in SF, this is what I woke up to today: Well, that and a two-hour delay on school openings. Jacob is wired. Fortunately, a friend from Sacramento sent him a huge box full of Legos – she’s in with a manager at […]

more equality news

In 2006, New Jersey legislators passed a bill in favor of allowing civil unions in the state, and Gov. Corzine signed the bill into law in December of that year. The law took effect on February 19, 2007, which means that civil unions have been in effect for nearly two years in New Jersey. Since […]